New Space!

CubeSat Deployers with stacking interface

The CubeSat standardization allows easy deployer selection and procurement from different manufacturers. We do now the next logic step - our CUBESAT-STACK deployer mechanical interfaces will also be standardized within this product line and will allow easy CubeSat deployer stacking and any combination of 1U, 3U, 6U, 12U, 27U satellite launch in one package. The rail, tab and four point holding and separation systems will be offered for the encapsulated spacecrafts.

Free Launch for The Breakthrough Starshot initiative

On the PSLV C-38 in June 2017 we launched the small satellite Max Valier Sat as one of the secondary payloads together with the Indian Cartosat.

The Max Valier Sat was carrying as well a further secondary payload - the tiny only 3 g weight CHIPSAT - build by Zachary Manchester, Assistant Professor at Stanford University, USA, member of the Breakthrough Starshot advisory committee.

The extremely low power beacon signal was received directly after the injection in orbit - thanks to the TU Delft!